The Need for Hearing Protection While Shooting

Although hearing protection is often neglected when shooting, it has become a necessity to wear hearing protection in order to prevent future hearing loss. Hearing protection is designed to reduce the sound pressure level that enters the wearer’s ear canal as noise becomes damaging to hearing above a certain level for a certain time.

There are many types of hearing protection available, but one of the most popular types of hearing protection as well as one of the most effective is ear plugs. An earplug can be defined as a device that is meant to be inserted in the ear canal to protect the user’s ears from loud noises.

Although there are many types of ear plugs to choose from, some of the most popular kinds are the foam ear plugs as well as the corded foam ear plugs. Another great option is what is known as a quiet band ear plug which contains soft foam pods that rest partially in the ears.

Earmuffs on the other hand are another great type of hearing protection. Earmuffs can be defined as a pair of ear coverings connected by a flexible band and worn as protection against cold or noises. Many shooters find that earmuffs are more comfortable than using ear plugs. There are many types of common earmuffs as well as a variety of electronic earmuffs that incorporate a battery powered audio amplifier that allows normal or even better than normal hearing. There are even some electronic earmuffs that include a radio mode as well as amplification of outside noises and hearing protection.

When you are shooting higher than a.22 caliber, it is suggested that the best option is to double plug which includes giving your ears the best protection with a combination of ear plugs and earmuffs. By combining the two types of hearing protection it will increase the noise reduction rating by approximately 4 to 8 decibels. This increase in protection translates into a 60% to 85% reduction in sound intensity which results in a marked reduction in the risk of hearing damage.

I believe that hearing protection is an essential item that law enforcement officers need as a part of their law enforcement equipment in order to protect their hearing as they perform their qualifications on their duty weapons throughout the year or just for casual shooting practice. It is important to protect your ears from damage and prevent future hearing loss from happening.