Snake Eyes – GI Joe Costume Will Be Hot This Halloween

When you are throwing dice, snake eyes is a bad thing. When you are trying to find a Halloween costume for your child, Snake Eyes is a good thing indeed! When a movie comes out in the summer time, there are several things that the producers are hoping for. One – that it will do well at the box office, naturally. Two, that come Christmas time, there will be plenty of buzz surrounding the toys that are marketed from the movie itself. And three, that before Christmas, there is a big surge of interest surrounding one of the big three holidays on the kids calendar; Halloween!

Costumes that feature the hottest summer movie blockbusters or the favorite television shows at the time are nothing new of course, and this year will be no different. Snake Eyes is not only one of the coolest Halloween costume choices, he might also be one of the coolest GI Joe characters ever. So who were cobra troopers?

The costume features a black jumpsuit, with realistic looking muscle details for the torso and arms- so your child can look like a buffed out, super cool stealth agent. This costume also has attached arm guards and leg holsters and comes with a comfortable, breathable hood for maximum concealment, but safety and ease of movement as well.

Additional accessories that are not included, but really complete the look include Snake Eye gloves and of course, a sword and sheath. Remember however, that all additional accessories will eventually be passed over for you to carry, so keep them to a minimum. Another accessory to consider and one that will not be handed off, is the candy collection bag which should either blend in or compliment the Snake Eyes costume.

The Snake Eye costume is nice enough that it can be worn during other times for dress up play as well, but it is not appropriate for sleepwear. Keep safety in mind when your child is wearing this particular costume.

Because it is all black, have the child carry a flashlight or attach reflector tape to him so that people can see him when he is out on the candy prowl.