Mutual of Omaha Medicare Supplement – The Provider of Your Choice

If you have been researching your options for Medicare, you are going to discover that the answers are not as simple as you might have hoped. On the contrary, you will learn that even though the government is providing you with a service, you will still have to make some choices.

Here is why. Original Medicare, the service program provided by the government, is not setup to cover all healthcare costs. You will find that some costs, such as deductibles and co-pays, are not covered by the program. This would leave many seniors in financial trouble. That’s why there are Medicare supplemental insurance plans to fill the gap. These plans are often referred to as Medigap programs. If you are ready to start discovering the different Medigap programs, there are some things you will want to be aware of.

To begin with, there are certain Medigap plans that all insurance providers must provide. If you would like to work with a certain provider, such as Mutual of Omaha, because you have used them before and you think that they are affordable and accessible, then you may do so, but keep in mind that they will not offer your different coverage. In other words, the Mutual of Omaha Medicare supplement will look exactly like the Humana Medicare supplement. You will see the same plans, A through N, and you will find that the coverage offered in each plan is exactly the same.

You may be wondering now what difference it makes whether you go with Mutual of Omaha or Humana or Blue Cross. This is really a matter of preference. There are still a number of factors that will end up lowering or raising your premiums. You should also keep in mind that there are some factors related to the state you live in, preexisting conditions, and general health that can make your premium higher in one provider’s eyes and lower in another. It all depends.

Most importantly, make sure that you feel comfortable with the insurance carrier. If you have used Mutual of Omaha for years and years and you would like to continue to use their services because they are affordable and accessible, then you should certainly use this company. The only things you will want to look out for are companies that will tell you that their supplement plans cover more than other plans. Remember that plans are federally regulated, so they will all have the same coverage.

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